Saturday, 15 October 2011

Strike a pose...VOGUE!

So it's been about half a year since I tapped my recipes and thoughts into my bloggywogg, no ellaborate excuses just i've been busy is all I have to be honest! But i'm back bitches and what a better way to return than with spot in Vogue!

I was contacted through my website about whether I would like to feature in an advertorial for Vogue magazine, obviously I jumped at the chance. The timing was perfect as I had just had my photoshoot with Manasi and the feature in vogue welcomed one small image. Hoorah!

I thought it was only right to take the guys and gals at Vogue some Chop's Cakes top picks so I visited Vogue HQ armed with a box of brownies and lemon and raspberry cupcakes.

You can probably make out by the awful lighting that I didn't finish baking for Vogue until VERY late, but I think it was worth it as I was placed 6th out of 33 bakers!

Outside Vogue HQ bricking it!
This guy was hilarious!

The finished Article, insanely proud of it even though it was rather far back in the magazine and quite small at least I can say to the grandchildren "your gran had her cakes in Vogue!"

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