Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Photoshoot

If you skip to the previous post you will see that a photographer called Manasi Kashyap had taken a photo of my wedding stall at Craft Central. I got in contact with her and enquired about having a proper photoshoot with her - I was wiling to pay but like my good friends at Grab Graphics she wanted to be paid in cake which is fine with me!

It was her friends birthday and she wanted some cupcakes to surprise her with so I dropped some off to her at her local tube station which she later described as 'feeling like a drugs drop-off'.

We arranged to do the shoot on a sunny saturday as natural light is the most important thing when trying to get a perfect picture. So I set to work making all of my favourite cupcakes in my repetoire and Manasi thankfully travelled the length of the Central Line to come to my house to snap the cupcakes.

I'm saving the pictures for my new site that is currently being created by my other half but I will give you a sneak peek...

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