Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chocolate Sophistication

I got an order from a work friend, Francine who wanted some chocolate cupcakes with a giant chocolate cupcake for her son's 21st birthday party. As he was turning 21 I didn't think it was appropriate to create anything too flashy or childish (even though I had a Disney Princess tea party for my 21st). So I went with a cream cheese icing with a rich dark chocolate sponge, the giant cupcake also has a chocolate genache filling topped with chocolate flakes.

A little tip on how to make the chocolate flakes, take your slab of chocolate and turn it upside down so you have the smooth side facing you, then taking a large sharp knife drag the knife with even pressure towards yourself along the chocolates surface and you will quickly and easily create paper thin flakes!

The cakes turned out intense and heavenly devilish!

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