Saturday, 2 July 2011

My Top 3 books of far

1. Eating for England by Nigel Slater - He describes food in a way no other can and eloquently takes you back to the first time you damaged the roof of your mouth with a piece of toblerone or the warm feeling you get when you sink your spoon into a treacle sponge.

This is how he describes cake, I think I want this on my grave...

"British cakes have a certain wobbly charm to them, and what might be missing in terms of finesse is there in lick-your-fingers stickiness...they are something you tuck into with the enthusiasm of a labrador at a water bowl."

2. Cakes & Bakes, From my Mother's Kitchen by Linda Collister -  The cakes in this book are both special and comfortingly familiar. I made the pistachio and carrot cake for the other half for his birthday as it's shards of green pistachio make it look celebratory enough to give as a gift.
3. Weekend Baking by Sarah Randell - Fabulously easy recipes but massive crowd pleasers. I  recently adapted the chocolate and raspberry bars to sell at a fair and they were gone in under an hour! 

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